Solar TV

Development in sustainable techniques approach society quickly and its costs lower drastically from its initial expensive state to affordable for private companies. Now Banking and Engineering has found a way to give the families and individuals of a society the chance to have access to these superb new techniques by providing them with a solar-energy powered TV!

In the context of giving people the supplements to fulfill their first Maslow’s hierarchal needs: food, shelter and clothing, Banking and Engineering would like to extend its services now that these three things can be provided. Leisure is important, especially for children who are developing themselves , their bodies and their minds, every minute of every day. We would like to contribute to this factor by providing them with another source of communication via broadcasting of programs and to enrich their opportunities for technology usage. If it so happens that a family does have any audio-generating device, this can easily be coupled to the TV we can provide. If there are any other connections required, such as a monitor function, the TV is suitable as well. It namely has several media usage possibilities, which are listed below:



  1. TV
  2. FM
  3. Radio
  4. USB/TF card can be inserted
  5. MP3/MP4
  6. 720p full stream video without conversion
  7. Direct broadcast.

The BAE Solar TV is besides these 7 media types also capable of another quality: it has its own way of lighting and recharging via solar panels. It is therefore also suitable to use outdoors for travelling or simply camping. Leisure is now for everyone.

To specify some details around its size and weight we would like to refer to the two statements below:

apparatus:          30 x 8 x 21 cm (even smaller than this) ;
monitor:              7 inch
solar panel:        28 x 18 cm

<3 kg

Electrical supply
Constant due to its lead-acid battery of type 6V 5AH.

Lighting power
85-254V or DC Input 9V

Before we refer to our email address at which you can request more detailed information, photographs or customized project possibilities, we would like to attend you to the fact that the pricing for one unit will be given for spot deliveries. Purchase of larger quantities of units as well as frequent or even regular deliveries will receive a considerable discount as a part of our Banking and Engineering special services.

For more detailed information and pricing (note possible discounts), please contact us by email at or send us your email address Mention SOLAR-TV.