Solar Roof Tiles

Moving forward with technological developments throughout the years, Banking and Engineering has proven itself to be at the head of start. First the highly efficient Solar Panels, then the Solar TV, then the Automatic Solar Panel Production Line (ASPPL) and now a new product: Solar Roof Tiles. For this or previously mentioned projects/products, please see the ‘Global Challenges’ tab for more details and contact information.

Continuing the information on our new Solar Roof Tiles, they are able to be mounted on rooftops as normal roof tiles would. This ensures limited initial costs, as there does not need to be a roof in the first place on which panels can be mounted like normally the case. The new Banking and Engineering Solar Roof Tiles have the solar panels embedded in their materials, causing each part of your roof to contribute to both renewable energy production as well as providing an income. Each tile is namely capable of producing 8W, therefore making an entire rooftop of which each corner makes electricity more efficient than regular mounted Solar Panels. See the pictures below for a comparison

First impression SRT

Banking and Engineering‘s new Solar Roof Tiles above.
Regular mounted Solar Panels on a rooftop below.

Comparison normal Solars

Now, of course anyone prefers their rooftops to be pretty as it is part of the personal space each individual occupies. To accommodate the possibility of decorating your house after your own taste, one can choose between the following colours according to their own preference:

Blackline (2A), Silverline (2B) and Red with Silver Linings (2C).

SRT Single blacklineSRT Single

2A                                                        2B

SRT Single Red silver


Besides the efficient use of all space on a rooftop to produce electricity, the Banking and Engineering Solar Roof Tiles are very easy to mount therefore providing renewable energy in one go. They are put on roofs by simple layering techniques thereby being both firm and flexible. see picture below.

Project ongoing

Continuing its advantages such as the convenient handling, they provide not only electricity but secondary income as well. As mentioned, they are capable of producing more electricity in total per surface area than regular solar panels as they use every possible space therefore. Consequently, many may be producing more electricity than they would need for a household of their kind. The excess power generated inevidently, can be sold and distributed over several networks (such as the national grid) or utilized for different infrastructural purpose making this product a possible national treasure. One is not dependent on the availability of other Earth bound resources such as wind, water or any of the kind. Sunlight is sufficient to start your income!

Banking and Engineering has had many projects and products that contribute to handling the global warming crisis and making life more easy and pleasant, such as the small scale wind mills that can be placed in the back garden without permitsWindmill small

Villagepumps that provide safe and clean drinking water without electricity Villagepump 500

and the Waste to Energy technology that allows several streams of income as well as a city cleanup. WtE

Our new product being the Solar Roof Tiles is a familiar design combined with efficient innovation of the next generation to provide both electricity, income as well as a comfortable home.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email via:
For a compact overview of technical specifications, please see the overview below.


Each tile has:

Max power                       8W
Weight                             3.5kg
Size                                 325*440*45mm
Cell dimensions               156 * 156 mm

Open circuit voltage                    1.23 V
Short-circuit current                    8.31 A
Maximum supply voltage            1.04 V
Maximum power flow                  7.78 A