Waste to Energy

In regard to the increased waste (accumulation, see pictures frequently uploaded on the internet) but decreased energy supply worldwide, I would like to emphasize certain advantages of our methods to solve challenges related to improvement of life via waste disposal and energy production. We as Banking and Engineering namely include an offer specifically detailed to outline labour intensities and opportunities created with the project itself, which can contribute to occupations significantly in the area. For instance, by creating a more circular economy, more jobs are created instantly as waste at the end of a product’s lifetime decreases. One can stimulate the repair, re-use and refurbishing of products. However, it has proven to be far more efficient to dismount waste products and machines, separate the parts manually and convert the new streams of materials into the starting materials of the next assembly line. This way, both labour and new products are created while unemployment and depletion of resources are efficiently addressed and resolved.

These so-called circular economy strategies can be applied via a written and provided offer that serves as an example configuration of measures that will provide solutions to challenges people have presented us with. For larger scale operations, the amount of people needed at the individual tasks can be adjusted contextually. Our documents do however provide a guideline to what would be minimally required for operational security with these hypermodern newly developed technologies as can be seen on pictures below.



With the circular economy in mind, which will be upcoming in all sorts of ideas and projects including CleanTech applications, we would like to introduce to you our waste-to-RDF conversion which will serve the production with the possible 75-90% recycling rate that cannot be reached via comparable methodologies. We namely use the final product for another utility: Energy production. This could be utilized locally for supplying the community with electricity; though can also be sold to the net itself.

Overall, several employment opportunities and cash flows will be generated in the fields of gathering the municipal waste, forming infrastructure suitable for all kinds of transport (including those specific for this project), crew at the factory to dismount and sort out materials, products and RDF production, energy generation and several more.


Finally, I would like to bring to your attention the additional possibilities of providing the community with safe and clean drinking water via non-electrical systems.  For more information, I would like to refer to other sections of this very website. If there are any questions arising, please contact me via email, at bert@bankingandengineering.eu. I would be most keen to attend you.