Smart Cup Holder

Has summer already kicked in in your country? Are you tired of your fresh can of lemonade heating up in the car whilst you wanted to drink something cool and refreshing? No longer lukewarm lemonade with this new smart cup holder. It can cool your can of lemonade, for instance coke, in only 15 minutes to a refreshing -2⁰C!

Rather a cup of hot coffee instead (in winter)? No big deal. The cup holder can also heat up cups of coffee. In just ten minutes, your coffee will be heated till it is 60⁰C, so nice and hot to drink, though not too hot to burn your lips. Ideal solution we as Banking and Engineering say, for all seasons, all drinks.


Simply: Easy come, easy go, as this product is very moderately priced and is already available for USD 22. It uses a part of your car’s battery system to energize the heating/cooling process. When the power supply is running out however, meaning your car battery is low, it will shut off the system transiently and use its semiconductor properties to apply its working mechanisms throughout this period of time.

Easy come, easy go with the simply operative separate switches in the lining which light up when used. In addition, the cup itself lights up on the inside to clarify the status of heating/cooling that is activated at that moment, where the colours are similar to taps in houses; else said: blue is cold and indicates cooling activity while red means hot and heating procedures.


More information on colours, pricing, technical specifications can be found in the overview below. Note that discounts will be provided when larger quantities are ordered simultaneously.

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Lowest (cooling in 15 minutes to) temperature: -2⁰C
Highest (warming in 10 minutes to) temperature: 60⁰C

Via a very effective technology with semiconductors applying physical theories.
Power:                 36W
Voltage:               12V (shuts off automatically when too low to prevent low                                                       batteries)
Current:               3A

Colours:                               Black, White, Red, Blue, Gold
Top ring colour:                    Silver or Gold

Prices: USD 22 or less*

*Depending on the quantity ordered.