Portable Bulletproof Car Seat

Although it may not be possible to achieve world peace ourselves, it might be possible to protect ourselves from harm. When one is in a dangerous situation, it is the human thing to do to either flee or seek cover. With our new invention, you do not have to seek any further! Whereas the highest government officials have fully armored cars, we now have the protection available for reporters, VIPs, security companies, CEOs or anyone that might need security, which may save more than one precious life!


Illustrated in the picture is the new BAE Portable bulletproof car seat which is an offer of revolutionary personal protection by a Level 3+ ballistic car shield ; portable because it is a loose seat that can be inserted in any car desired, bulletproof because it can shield of bullets of several of the most utilized guns nowadays: the AK-47 (7.62 and 5.56). It can even withhold bomb blasts and hand grenades of that caliber.


With the increasing number of people on earth, there also seem to arise increasing numbers of conflicts all over it. So you might want to order your personal protection now!


To expand on this exclusive idea already, we now offer the newest adjustment to the BAE Portable bulletproof car seat by offering a version that has viewing windows in its side panels so when it is detached from the original seat, it can be used for personal protection while still being able to assess and confirm the (safety of the) situation on the other side visually. It is also worthwhile to note that the glass has the same protection properties (NIJ III+) as the rest of the shield offers the one behind it.

A price indication for this product would be € 11,999/Ex-Work Netherlands. For more information, please contact us via email at: bert@bankingandengineering.eu



  • Completely portable (thus also easy in storage: fold and store in the car’s boot)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Dual purpose

DIMENSIONS (h x w, cm)

Middle plate:                     85 x 50
Side plates:                      60 x 50


22 mm  Famostone + 5 mm foam in between Famostone and outer velvety material.

Removable side shield:                 5
Total:                                            19

Famostone (equal to Dyneema features)

Several, including black. This, in combination with blinded car windows, can let the person ‘disappear’ practically.