Solar Panels PV

These days green energy is getting more important than ever before. Banking and Engineering Netherlands has developed the several generations of solar panels and improved them. Pictures of the 4th generation are visible below.

Technologies and efficiencies per generation.

Generation Efficiency Improvement
(compared to previous generation)
Materials andTechnology/Technologiesused Colours/transparent
1st 10 – 15% Silicon, crystalNormal, thick mirror-like
2nd 15 – 20% Silicon, polymers, crystalThin-film, extra protection Reddish-brownish
3rd 30 – 40% Polymers(,pigments)Thin-film, organic base Every pigment possible
4th 40 – 60% Polymers, pigmentsThin-film, organic base (in or on materials, Nano-technology) Every pigment possible(semi-transparent), upcoming developments for completely transparent

Recently we have achieved a new maximum efficiency: 86%! That is almost 20x as much as normal solar panels.


foto black solar panel

black solar panel

tinted solar panels

Tinted solar panels, that can function as sunglasses on a building. The surface of the windows is barely used. Therefore Banking and Engineering Netherlands came up with this revolutionary concept, that does not only make your building look futuristic, but also generates 20x more electricity than regular solar panels. The darkness can be adjusted to everyone’s needs. For more information, contact us by e-mail: