Large Oil Refinery

Hereby Banking and Engineering provides a larger technical and commercial proposal for the countries that need a little more than 3,600 barrels per day. For these countries, BAE Global Group has developed a project plan for a set-up of a large oil refinery producing 80,000 barrels per day of crude oil.

For such a great project, everything must be optimized and a lot of additional safety measures must be taken. This is exactly what has been done by BAE, to be read in an overview below.

Our Projection for 80,000 BPD Crude Refining Units

  1. Atmospheric Distillation Unit (80,000 BPSD)
  2. Utilities Unit
  3. Storage Tanks Unit (516,000 Barrel)
  4. Wastewater Treatment Unit (10 m3/hr)
  5. Power Station Unit (6 MW)
  6. Firefighting System
  7. Buildings
  8. Loading Yard
  9. Complementary Systems (including laboratories to test product and water quality)

2. Information Utilities Unit
Utilities unit will comprise steam boiler, cooling towers, and air compressors to provide necessary steam, cooling water, and compressed air to the main unit of refinery plant.

7. Information Buildings
Buildings required to be erected inside the plant will be:

  • Main reception building.
  • Administration building; 2 stories.
  • Laboratory building.
  • Employee building.
  • Warehouse building.
  • Workshop building.
  • Main substation building.

8. Information Loading Yard
Loading/unloading arms will be installed in a suitable large yard. Total of 20 loading/unloading arm platforms will be installed.

Our Project Overview

Large oil refinery

80,000 barrels per day

To still larger needs of oil with a macro-scale set-up thoroughly discussed and planned in the safest manner possible at the moment. This also includes setting up loading yards, careful and large-scale wastewater treatment and product storage facilities.


  • HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)
  • Diesel Oil
  • AGO (Atmospheric Gas Oil, can be maximized upon request)
  • Kerosene
  • Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF)
  • Naphtha

To keep the facility as safe as possible a firefighting system is installed containing the following elements:

  1. Water tank (5000 m3).
  2. Water pumping station of 1500 m3/hr
  3. Water pipeline.
  4. AFFF 3% foam pipeline.
  5. Cooling water spraying nozzles to all uninsulated storage tanks.
  6. Foam bladder tanks, distributed in plant as necessary.
  7. Foam pourer (maker + chamber) to all storage tanks
  8. Foam monitors distributed in all plant locations as necessary.
  9. Fire hydrants distributed in all plant locations as necessary on both water and foam pipelines.

Banking and Engineering Global Group’s solution to cope with larger oil supplies is a discrete plan for an oil refinery that produces 80,000 barrels per day and is optimized on all conditions to meet safety requirements and the desires of our clients.

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