Cyber Security

Are you protected against Hackers? Or…

Do you want to offer a service that nobody has, and will elevate you above all your competitors?

We do the job, you get the money.

Hacking of computer systems seems to have a HYPE potential currently. The Media present lately a lot of attacks, with large damage to the companies involved.

We know this can be very interesting for you and your clients.

We, Banking and Engineering Netherlands, provide digital security against Hacker attacks, not simply by applications but by active protection.

Banking and Engineering Netherlands is capable of identifying all vulnerabilities in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) systems, and define the level of exposure in all kinds of asymmetrical threats. This by applying advanced methods and cutting edge techniques, such as ethical hacking, remote/local penetration, social engineering, physical assessments, and even more sophisticated and complex methods.

We think a lot of companies, not limited to Banks, Insurance companies, Hospitals and Governments, are interested in this kind of Intelligence Technology and Service.
Our service can be provided in several layers and levels of security, from only Euro 200 per month up to unlimited.

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