Bullet Proof Vest

In these times, safety remains important but all the more difficult to get. To ensure that our people can live their lives without fearing for it, we as Banking and Engineering have come up with a new product: The ultra light weight bullet proof vest. BPV_3

It is made of not simply metal and kevlar, but real high tech innovative materials that perform according to the NIJ III-A certification. To suit more than one taste, the vests are available in vest and waistcoat models. Furthermore, the range of uses is diverse: jackets, flight jackets, denim coats, vests and waistcoats. All providing the NIJ III 3A protection level as mentioned earlier.


Waistcoat                                               Vest (only 6 mm thick, can be worn unseen                                                                         under jackets or the waistcoat on the left)

For those in this world who are unfortunate enough to not have the access to finance required for these, not to worry. Banking and Engineering has taken these people into consideration and constructed a cheaper version that performs to the same protection standard 3A, though is a little heavier (approximately 2.5 kg) or protective level III which requests a hard plate increasing the weight upto 7-8 kg.

Nevertheless, anyone should not only feel safe but also be safe. That is why we would like to encourage you to contact us if you are interested, preferably via the following email: bert@bankingandengineering.eu