Automatic Solar Panel Production Line (ASPPL)

Our goal
The ultimate goal of Banking and Engineering is to be forth standing in creating opportunities for sustainable energy. We hereby provide our customers with several opportunities to contribute to a better environment and a healthy, flourishing WEconomy. Regarding Solar Panels, we have now developed an entirely automatic production line that can be relatively easily customized to meet any of our clients demands, independent of mono- or polycrystalline materials. We thereby hope to take the international position of first line supplier for these lamination systems.

Our plan
The execution of such a goal can be difficult, respectively. However it is of both entrepreneurs’ and BAE’s interest to provide customers with the best products and services. As a result, BAE forms itself into a pioneer in the production of modular solar systems and the development of this high-tech equipment with the support of a world class engineering team. As such, we are working towards an automatic customizable production line of solar panels including an automatic stringer, laminator, bussing, testing. This eventually creates a fully automatic production line.

Consequently, over 200 customers in all continents Asia, Europe, Africa and both North and South America have the opportunity to profit from our inventions. We herewith hope to become the number one total laminator sales company within the field of expertise, as there are so many specialists involved who deserve to utilize their valuable knowledge.

Our project units

  1. Glass transfer machine
  2. Automatic EVA Cutting machine
  3. Automatic Layout machine
  4. Automatic Bussing
  5. Automatic Double Tracking stringer
  6. Visual Inspection & EL Testing
  7. Second layer Glass Paving
  8. EVA/TPT Cutting and Paving
  9. Double layer Double Chamber Laminator
  10. Buffer
  11. Automatic Trimming
  12. Automatic Framing & Glue Injecting Machine
  13. Curing
  14. IV Tester

For an impression of these production units, we would like to refer to the real-life pictures below the stated project overview.

Our project overview

Automatic Solar Panel Production Line

≥10 MW/year*                                (with 8 hour daily shifts for 5 days a week)
*can be extended to >1000 MW upon request

Provide clients with a customized automatic production line of Solar panels,                         hereby  supporting the worldwide energy transition to sustainability.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels with the desired capacity, size, and customized                           production process.

The automatic production line of PV Solar panels is an internationally upcoming                   field of expertise wherein BAE would like to demonstrate the possibilities.                             Whether desired fully automatic or semi-automatic, it can all be realized. The                       required (raw) materials for the produced modules can likewise the complete                       systems for the final production all be provided by Banking and Engineering. The                 modular assembly of these units then allows non-mechanical engineers to put                     the system together. We produce, you benefit.

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