About us

To be acquainted with us, there are a few projects to illustrate the possibilities of our services. An example of this would be sustainable energy and aviation. The first includes projects involved with global challenges using techniques such as photovoltaic solar panels, solar collectors and wind turbines. The even larger projects concern aviation and shipping, where we are able to mediate crews and/or airplanes on individually adjustable contracts to each and everyone’s preference and budget. Even charter flights of cargo are applicable in the selection possibilities.

As larger budgets and plannings often require to be set up beforehand, we are also able to offer financial services where we help our client to find a trustworthy third party to underwrite for instance an ACMI or Lease to purchase considering our aviation projects.

Though these possibly enormous set ups can be unfitting to your companies needs, we are also involved in global challenges such as the sustainable energy as mentioned, but also food and drink industry as well. We can provide a living for people in every single way, such as the essential safe drinking water which is a basic daily human need. Apart from this, we are also able to provide people on a far larger scale with food, nationally and internationally. Food such as proteins in the form of chicken or its side products such as eggs can all be delivered wherever they are necessary.

But people need more than just the daily necessities as food and drinks. They also need a living, literally. To provide houses for people in a simple, low-cost (up to 60% lower than usual) though very efficient way, we have thought of a system that uses EPS as its synthetic resource to build houses that are as firmer than proper houses these days as of the coverage with concrete. These real estates, together with other properties such as hospitals are within our services available.

And as estates need construction projects, we are involved in those as well, in a quite peculiar way. With this we mean that we are not only involved with the construction of the EPS houses, but also in larger construction sites leading to (rail)roads or the renewal of refineries to functional levels.

Analogously, construction sites need building materials. These are available on the commodity trading section of the market, something we are present at too. We are able to provide future clients for instance with cement, oil, carbon fibre and EPS to realize their long-preferred construct.

One of the more recent fields of expertise we joined is the provision of safe and clean drinking water globally in a number of ways. We are hereby able to offer systems that fulfill a personal level till the consumption levels of entire communities. Also mobile systems, transportable via small trucks, must be accounted.

As these are all constructions and larger projects often involving third parties, we also focused on another method of helping our clients. You may hereby think of cyber security with a hands-on approach or outsourcing of an entire company that may help the financial structure organize and improve.

If you would like any more information, please have a look around on the website. If any more detailed information of your interest is then still required, please contact us by email: bert@bankingandengineering.eu