5 tons Biodiesel Project


Biodiesel production


Product capacity:           Daily 5 tons Biodiesel
Production capacity:      100% (Normal), 120% (Maximal)


BAE’s goal with this project is to still the relatively small but necessary needs of fuel by providing the client with a daily producing biodiesel project distilling from raw materials with the use of adjustability, little labour and a big capacity system. It hereby utilizes very common and precise chemical separation techniques that are used even in the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industry. The plan can finally meet the customer’s demand after our engineers discussion and previous cases analysis, simulation calculation and determining equipment size.


BAE provides the customer with a complete separating process design, the main equipment required, full installation of it all and of course guidance and supervision of the project itself. It furthermore guarantees that the whole process meets the design standard and that all units use each other’s qualities to minimize heat and waste production.


The characteristics of this project are the complex of the raw materials (restaurant wastes, waste food (meat, vegetables, etc), the scale of output. To this condition, we adopt continuous distillation.

If you require any more information in the form of a brochure with detailed information, personal applications, price indications or questions, please contact us by email:  bert@bankingandengineering.eu