Even the largest companies struggle with high costs. And most of all: costs that are concealed by paychecks. These high costs are frequently made without thorough analysis upfront, considering for instance administration, training and selection of possible employees, secondary labour costs, absenteeism, location and inventory of the company itself. Estimates have even shown labour costs to be responsible for up to 70% of an entire companies budget. As a solution to this, we have constructed an outsourcing program that will not only provide our clients with financial benefits but will also foresee the following advantages:

1. Expertise
If utilizing our services, you are able to benefit from the “Best Practices”- technique of talents, technology and expertise of niche businesses. As experts and specialists are often too expensive to consider for permanent employment, their knowledge can be obtained via project based employment or on demand in such a way that it can fit any budget.

2. Management
Furthermore, you are able to concentrate on the core processes of your company and ‘outsource’ your concerns to trusted partners without having the need to hire additional managers or to spend on an extra project. The external outsourcing company will namely provide you with a (team of) manager(s) of their own.

3. Flexible Labour
The utility exists in the use of specialists without the obligation of permanent employment of people you do not necessarily require after this project has finished. It is, as such, easier to end an outsourcing  project than to fire an employee.

4. Capital Savings
As a manager of a company yourself, you now have the ability to concentrate fully on the financial resources of your company and the core processes instead of considerating how to spend financial resources on for instance expanding overhead costs such as software systems etc.

5. Time-saving
At last, you do not need to invent the wheel again. We have done this for you figuratively and provide this solution to your company.

If you require any more detailed information about the possibilities for your company individually or would like to utilize our services, please contact us by email: bert@bankingandengineering.eu